My Influences On My Attitudes To Sex In Schools

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Everything that I learned about sex when I was younger came from my cousins, friends at school and the children in my neighborhood. They did influence my attitudes and sexual behavior but not as much as my grandparents, aunts and my curiosity to research about sex. My culture has also played a key role in my sexual development because I had to balance traditional Christian values and modern ideas and attitudes toward sex.
During my early adolescence I spent three days in church every week surrounded by my family. After sermons my older cousins would teach me sexual slang and talk about their sexual experiences. I did not understand everything that they talked about, but what I did understand was that sex was a reward that should be sought after. During elementary school many of the older students would perform sex acts on me. At first I resisted because it felt strange but eventually I stopped caring and let it happen. Furthermore, the older students did similar things to my classmates and we thought nothing of it.
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One fateful day I was going through my aunts ' books and I found three books about sex. One contained research about America 's changing sexual habits, one dismissed common misconceptions and rumors about sex and the last contained techniques and exercises to help enhance one 's sex life. I pretty much read these books religiously and I would go back to school and spread the information amongst others.
Taking my first health class helped me correct what I thought I knew about sex. Sure I knew different positions and what they did, but I did not understand that sex should be safe and responsible. I learned about the importance of consent as well as contraception and that lacking in one or both was a recipe for disaster. Now sex was no longer a contest to bed the most women; it became an act carried responsibilities and should be taken

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