Personal Reasons For Attending College Essay example

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Ones personal reasons for attending college is molded mainly based on their upbringing. Those who may have grown up in a wealthy environment may choose college because they want to join a sorority or fraternity that their ancestors have become greatly apart of rather than education because a successful future is handed to them. Those who may have grown up in a poor household with a promising mind will use that mind to study their way into providing for their family. As the product of a fifteen-year-old irresponsible couple from Compton California, a father also being in prison since before my birth, and a very privileged lifestyle my reasoning for attending college is different from most. I am not in college because I want the opportunity to make a lot of money, or even because I value education. My reasoning is based on my wants to prove a point, high recognition in the long run, and pressure held over me. Due to my parents being so young and known for their irresponsibility, and also a family background that holds a line of strong black men and women who lived their life working any job that would pay them enough to take care of their families, I made a personal choice to never settle and be like those before me. As expected, from a fifteen-year-old mother, I was sure to amount to nothing but my plans are different for the soul fact that people have expected me to be the same way based on my background. I came to college to prove that I can do it and I am doing it, I…

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