Personal Reader 's Profile Essay

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Personal Reader’s Profile
As a kid, I remember I never enjoyed reading, especially in elementary school when we had to do reading comprehension activities. I dreaded reading out loud because I would mispronounce words and my attention would wander because I found the stories uninteresting and silly. In the end I could barely remember what the story was about, so as a result I could never give a proper summary. However, my attitude on reading first started to change in middle school and once I got to high school I learned how to deeply analyze a book. Learning how to pick apart a novel gave me a whole new insight on the importance of novels and what type of knowledge those novels could give me. For example, I didn’t realize that stories had symbolism and held deeper meaning that could reveal truths about human nature. This opened my mind and gave me a new insight on how to properly read a book. Now, whether it’s a novel or textbook, I do not mind spending most of my free time reading.
My perspective on reading first changed when I entered middle school. Unlike elementary school where we rarely went to the library, we now had the opportunity in middle school to go once a week. The teacher also required that we take out at least one book or else we could lose points. Here is where I began to develop an interest in reading. I became aware of what genres and authors I liked. I remember thinking how amazing it was that people could create imaginative worlds and write…

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