Personal Puzzle Of Self Identity Essay

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Language has always been one of the most crucial building blocks to the personal puzzle of self-identity. It is the carrier of culture, and culture is the carrier of identity. In some of the earliest days in history God recognized this fact. He realized that the best way to prompt his people to heed his command and obey his words during the building of the Tower of Babel was to confuse their languages. Why did he do this? Because taking away the common language of the people completely obliterated their sense of unity with those around them. Suddenly they had almost no one to confide in or to relate to. This is precisely what is taking place in our lives today. Despite being founded as a free country and a safe haven for immigrants and refugees, America has done a poor job of accepting the cultures of those who have come here seeking freedom. They are accepted into this country (so long as they complete the proper legal steps to do so), but are both encouraged and pressured by society to forsake their foreign ways and assimilate into American culture. What America is ignorant of is that by rejecting someone’s language or culture, that person as a whole is being rejected. This issue must be resolved, as we are (whether we know it or not) only fueling the fire and teaching our children to discriminate against these cultural minorities who come to America.
Whether we prefer to admit it or not, America’s ignorance to these people’s linguistic needs and our encouragement for…

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