Personal Psychology : My Family, Friends, Social Media, And Schooling

2602 Words Nov 7th, 2016 11 Pages
While studying not only educational psychology but general psychology as well, students are taught that the main things that predestine what a child will be like are family, friends, social media, and schooling. While observing a friend of mine, Shanae, and her mom, Char, these four things most definitely had a consequences in how Shanae came to be the way she is and how her mother adapted to the changes. Shanae’s family seems to be the typical all-American family with two happily married parents and one older sister. Shanae and her sister have lived their entire lives in Aberdeen, and now continue to do so as they both go to Northern State University. It is interesting that Char and her husband decided to only have two children as Char is an only child and her husband has 18 siblings, but then again, the typical American family is only two children. Char, ever since the girls were little, was able to not always have to work, and when she did have a job, she seemed to be self-employed so she could choose to take days off to spend with her daughters if necessary whereas her husband has always worked full-time. But they have always been able to support their family, and allowed the girls to have many opportunities with the 1 to almost 1 and ½ incomes that they have had. After Char’s father passed away, Shanae’s father built a house next door to theirs for Char’s mother to live in. Ever since then, she has become a very present member of their family and daily lives…

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