Personal & Professional Communication Essay

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Personal and Professional Communication

Personal and Professional Communication
Personal and professional communication is important in the health profession for several reasons. Many different communication techniques are implemented and have different focuses. Small groups use components such as goals, norms, cohesiveness, behaviors, and therapeutic factors. Task, process and midrange groups are individual categories. Orientation, conflict, cohesion, working and termination are phases groups go through. Group communication is often broken down into various subcategories, focusing on the different types of groups, components, strategies, and roles. Implementing the theories and
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If problems go unaddressed, continuous issues may occur. Communicating care and compassion to a patient, lessens the concerns for error with care. For example, if someone gives a medication, does not chart it, the patient may receive the medication twice. Communicating also promotes and encourages team-work. Setting and establishing team goals makes team-work efficient. When communicating with patients and clients,

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