Essay on Personal Portrait

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Personal Portrait

Barbara Cooper

CST5003 – Survey Research in Human Development and Behavior

Instructor: Dr. C. R. Auxier

Capella University

October 31, 2010


In this paper I will attempt to develop a personal portrait of my life integrating developmental theory, moral development, gender and cultural influences.

Theorist Erik Erikson’s developmental theory is best known for its theories on personality. He believed that an individual’s personality is developed in a series of stages impacted by social experiences throughout the whole life span. His model of development was the first offered by a theorist that extended over the entire life span. The massive
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Stage 5

Adoloscence: (Identity vs. Identity Confusion)

My life during these years was definitely more complex because I was no longer a child, but not yet an adult. This is the stage where I began to find out “who I was”, or my identity. I struggled with my social interactions, as well as, moral issues. Of course, my most significant relationships during this time, was with my peers. It was my adolescent years that taught me that my development depended on “what I did” as opposed to “what was done to me” in earlier years. A milestone for me was realizing, without a lot of life experiences, that it was possible and easy to confuse conflict free ideals with reality which is not conflict free.

Stage 6

Early Adulthood: (Intimacy vs. Isolation)

In the beginning stages of adulthood, I found myself seeking companions and love. I wanted to form intimate, loving relationships with other people, primarily through marriage and friends. During this time, my thoughts were on marriage and family, which I accomplished and experienced intimacy on a high level.

Also, right after high school, I began working and as the years went by I started thinking about a career. I realized the relationships that I formed on the job were important to my success in reaching my career goals.

Stage 7

Middle Adulthood: Generativity vs. Stagnation

My middle adulthood was filled with taking care of husband and children, while dealing

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