Personal Plan Essay

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Personal Plan Essay
Ted Smith
July 21, 2014
Sarah Hightower

Personal Plan
Studying at a university is not all about learning a lot of things that is interesting, it is also about having a structured and supported process that is undertaken by an individual to reflect upon their own learning, performances, and/or achievement to plan for their personal, educational and career paths and development. Even though there might be other ways to get class assignments done, making a personal plan will help you get your class assignments done, as well as help you with your career path and goals. The reason being is you are using a SMART goals system and setting a schedule that is right for you to help with your classes and class
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Another career path tool to help you is a tool called My Career Plan Building: Activates. This is a tool that also asks you various questions but these are a little more personal and more in-depth and based off of these results you get a competencies list that fits you for example: based off of my results some of my competencies include taking initiative, coping with pressure, and adhering to values. Based off of these results I can tell that these will also help me with my academic as well as my career goal path that I stated earlier.
Another way that will help you with getting assignments done or help you with your career path is setting a schedule that is right for you. Schedule times you’re going to class and doing assignments around your schedule. What I do is I do my class postings and readings in the morning after I wake up I treat this like if I was getting up and going to class.
The most important reason I think for having a personal plan to help get your class assignments done as well as your career path is your using the SMART goals system. Setting goals really do help. In an article I read from the university library Psychology in Classroom Learning by Eric Enderman Anderman and Lynley H Anderman “Goal setting is an important part of a student’s motivation, self-regulation, and achievement in an academic setting.
In conclusion, although there might be plenty of

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