Personal Philosophy Statement : My Educational Philosophy Essay

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Personal Philosophy Statement

My educational philosophy as a teacher is that every student should be able to attend a public school if their parents choose so, receive equal treatment, a quality education, and be nurtured and safe in that environment. Within the public school system, a child should be able to attend a school that is a good fit for them, and be able to have safe transportation to and from school. No child should feel discriminated against by any school district employee, volunteer or their peers. The education offered at a public school should be of high standards and the teachers should strive to help all of their students be successful in their studies and in their growth in other ways as well. The school and teachers should make sure that all efforts are made for the children to feel safe both physically and emotionally and the classroom and school should facilitate that type of environment. The teachers and administration should make all efforts to ensure they not only help the students learn effectively, but also that they are provided for emotionally and physically, so that they are able to fully appreciate the learning environment. This means that I will take the time to pay attention to my students’ diverse needs, inside and outside of the classroom. I will make sure my students have a good lunch and a snack. I will make sure that my students are warm and have adequate clothing. My responsibility as a teacher will also be to nurture my students…

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