Essay Personal Philosophy Of Life Philosophy

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I. Personal Philosophy
A. Discuss your personal philosophy of life. What ideas, values, and preferences guide you? A person’s life philosophy is dependent on their life experience. Growing up, I was the kid who flinched when someone put a hand on my shoulder, packed my own lunches, and brushed my younger sibling’s teeth. I taught my brothers how to ride bikes, swim, and helped them figure out their homework. I was the boogeyman chaser; I wasn’t allowed to be afraid because I knew the real monster was asleep in the next room. At times, I sat breathless, pressing my whole body weight up against my bedroom door, begging to disappear, and praying that the door holds as a body rammed against it from the other side. By high school, I found my voice in in the space between my thighs, in the words and pictures I scribbled in the margins of my exam papers because I was too tired to focus, and in the long drives I took alone at night when the moon hid behind dark clouds, the music blasting as if the melody could save me. I slept in my high school’s theater, and occasionally at an abandoned building in the neighborhood because I was safer on the streets than in my own “home”. Everything that I have experienced has led me to one conclusion, one defining philosophy: be the person you needed when you were younger. This is why advocacy, mediation, and human services are so important to me. I want to give others what I needed for myself when I was growing up, in hopes that I can give…

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