Personal Philosophy Of Classroom Management And Discipline Essay examples

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Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management and Discipline

I believe that at birth all beings are good. They begin to learn and develop certain briefs and behaviors depending on the environment and people they are surrounded by. As children and teens spend a lot of time at school, it is important for them to be surrounded by good people and a positive learning environment. I feel that all children view school differently depending on the classroom environment they are in that year. When the classroom environment is a negative environment (no behavior expectations. No students paying attention. Always teacher lecturing. Always answering question out of a book) the students dread going to school everyday. With a positive classroom environment, the students will be able to want to learn all of the academic, social, and emotional skills they will need for the rest of their lives. If the teacher has created an environment where the students are not interested in, and do the same boring things everyday, students in that class probably strongly dislike school. However, if the teacher has created a positive classroom environment, has an organized discipline plan, integrates students interests, and show they care about their students, then the students will probably love school. I feel that the role of the teacher is to create the positive environment for the students. Teachers should be expected to deal with emotional problems as it effects the students day and behavior. I…

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