Personal Philosophy : My Philosophy Essay

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206EDU_Final Project_Teaching Interview
My teaching philosophy; What makes learning difficult is student’s belief that Math is boring, Math is impossible and Math is irrelevant. Therefore, my teaching philosophy is three fold; Make Math interesting, Make Math possible, Make Math relevant.
Q.1. What grade and subject do you want to teach? (Elementary teachers do not need to discuss ‘subject ')
A. I want to teach Grade 6 Mathematics.
Q.2. Why do you want to teach this grade level? A. Mathematics is the subject mostly little kids find difficult. But if you build a strong base, they will not find it difficult in future. I want to teach Grade 6 Mathematics because I want to start right from the first year of middle school so that the students can make their base strong and learn Mathematics in a fun way. They should find Mathematics as the easiest subject, not the most difficult one.
Q.3 What makes you uniquely qualified to teach in our school?
A. My passion for Math and my connection with the students makes me uniquely qualified to teach in your school. I believe if you cannot connect with your students, you can’t teach them. Students don’t learn from a teacher they don’t like. Connecting with students with different abilities, with language barriers, or different socio economic background is also a must. I use reflective thinking, while being patience and sensitive.
Q3a. What are your strengths as teacher?
A. Mathematics is my passion and so is teaching.…

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