Essay On Personality Test

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For this elective review I decided to take the personality test. Never before have I taken a test of my personality so I was pleasantly surprised by some of the outcome and generally expected the rest of the information to align with my thinking. Interestingly enough the results of the test showed the person that I believe myself to be, but at the same time demonstrated a person whom I completely disagree with being. However, can a test be both valid and invalid in itself? Is it possible for the test to positively display a version of me that works out well for what I perceive myself to be and yet instead be completely irrelevant to trying to display my flaws? No is the answer to both questions at the present moment, yet maybe the way questions …show more content…
The test displays my conscientiousness scores as high demonstrating an individual who is goal oriented and determined, dependable, and a hard worker. With this assessment I cannot agree with more, yes there are times when I seem unreliable or can seem to be off track and away from my goals, yet when it is all said and done my pure passion to succeed drives me to accomplish my goals. Some facets that express my personality well were orderliness, dutifulness, achievement-striving, and self-discipline. These areas are valid within myself because I operate with a high moral obligation to family values and personal principles. Having self-discipline affords me the opportunity to be honest with others and more importantly myself. I can admit when I’m not doing my best or if I was wrong about something. In general, my conscientiousness reflects me well although I was merely disappointed with self-efficacy ranging in the average percentile. Self-efficacy for myself I would say should be higher. I have all of the tools that can bring success towards me. I try not to depend on people to hand me the opportunity because the opportunity may never come. Lastly for conscientiousness, individuals will range in different areas from low to high, however, this is not necessarily terrible to score in the lower or average

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