Personal Opinion On Personal Conviction Essay

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Personal conviction is our own personal beliefs that have been molded as we mature in Christ. Our personal convictions have been shaped by our personal understanding of scripture, but are not biblical scripture (Vaugh, 2010). We must be cautious not to become self-righteous, or hold anyone else accountable to our standards. In Romans 14:22 the scripture states, “So whatever you believe about these things keep between yourself and God. Blessed is the one who does not condemn himself by what he approves. We will discuss personal convictions through personal testimonies, superstitions, selfish egos, unwillingness to accept change, negativity and incorporate biblical viewpoints about conviction.
Practical theologian James Loder remembers two distinctive personal convictions which came by way of the Holy Spirit. During his work, he was led to combine science and theology to bring understanding to the gospel in a scientific world. Loder first experience with the Holy Spirit was during his grieving process from the loss of his Father. Loder was so ecstatic with this unknown presence that comforted him; that he decided to discover more about the divine presence. After graduation, he began a study at Harvard University researching the relation of religion and mental health (Wright, 2016, 36). His second experience was even more powerful. Loder was involved in a fatal car accident which almost consumed his life, until once again the profound presence of the Holy Spirt came…

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