Personal Nursing Philosophy Essay

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I define my philosophy of nursing within the three nursing domains of person, health, and environment. My goal is to communicate the importance of nursing as a knowledge-based career, depending not only on the nurse fulfilling her role but also on the patient’s compliance. A patient must learn to provide self-care at home in the same capacity as the nurse would provide care in the clinical setting. I discuss various subjects within nursing. I explain why I want to be a nurse, what I believe a nurse’s role is, the different domains of nursing, and where I believe nursing will be in the future. My philosophy demonstrates the interdependence of the nursing domains. You cannot fully evaluate a person without evaluating their health,
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I practice nursing because I cannot imagine doing anything else. I grew up watching emergency room stories on television, imagining myself as the healthcare provider. I took an allied health class in high school. After visiting nursing homes and aiding the nurses, it confirmed my belief that I could not consider any occupation other than the medical field. I anticipate being able to go into work one day and make a difference in one person’s life or to even save that person’s life. I am currently proud to say I am a nursing student at The University of Southern Mississippi. After I receive my nursing license, I will be even more proud to be able to say I am a registered nurse.
Underlying Beliefs
Nursing enables us to contribute in the health and wellbeing of others. Nurses continually practice infection control, primary prevention (such as vaccines), and supportive care for those who cannot care for themselves. A nurse creates a safe and trusting environment for a patient while he is in need. Nurses also assist with “basic needs, with an intentional caring consciousness; administering human care essentials, which potentiate alignment of the mind-body-spirit, wholeness, and unity of being in all aspects of care” (Masters, 2014, p. 53). I believe a nurse plays many roles while caring for a patient: They have to be a friend, a healthcare provider, and at times, the authoritative figure in a patient’s life.
Patients, the people requiring care, are everywhere around

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