Personal Note On Writing And Writing Essay example

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There is nothing like the motivation I feel when I get my essay back and it is precise and well-written with a good grade. All the effort and hard-work put into a paper is so rewarding. The rewards are experience with writing and the motivation is to keep getting better. Writing is not one of my best subjects but I strive to do better. What drives me to become a better writer and reader is doing well in my English class because I want to be confident when I write, understand when I read, and learn all that I can about reading and writing.
When I turn in an essay, I want to be confident. I want my readers to be interested in what I am trying to say. I will have to prepare, revise, and practice. Preparing is one of the first steps to writing a paper. I want to always have an outline and a rough draft. Back when I was in elementary school, I was taught how to make outlines and write rough drafts and it helped me tremendously with seeing what I was writing about. When I am prepared, I know that I will do awesome. Revising is a crucial step because it improves the paper. I find that when I look over my essay, I make many changes to sentences. I like to check spelling and fix any grammar. Reading out loud to yourself or someone else is a great way to fix the paper because it makes sure that the paper is understandable. Another way for me to be confident when I write is practice. I enhance so much more in anything when I practice for it. I feel like this class has helped me the…

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