Essay on Personal Note On Writing, An Advocate, And An Ally

1318 Words Aug 22nd, 2015 null Page
Congratulations! You have found your voice. You found the confidence to leave a negative situation. It can only get better from here! This is the time to be your best self.

After coming out of such a negative situation mine being bullying, I knew I never wanted anyone to go through what I did. I knew I wanted to give a voice to the voiceless. That is why I am sitting

here typing up my story, just so I can help you. In order to make the best out of something negative, you must find your passion. Something you love to do. A passion is something you genuinely care about. Find your hobbies. Find what makes you happy, to wake up and begin your day. For me, writing is a hobby I turned into a passion. I knew that I was destined to be a writer… but not just a writer, an advocate, and an ally. This is me making my mark on the world. Maybe for you a hobby is baking. Bake a cake of positivity. CHEESY I KNOW. But seriously find how baking will put the icing on the cake for someone else. Maybe you can bake for fundraisers, you can volunteer to bake for the homeless. If sports are your thing find out how you can volunteer to teach sports to people with disabilities. If you like art, find how you can get involved with outreach programs who use art as a creative outlet to help those who are

struggling. Thriving is all about finding something you like to do and making a positive impact on others. It won’t be easel but it will be worth it. Paint your blank canvas with a dream, or a…

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