Essay on Personal Note On Social Security

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Doris Rambohan, female, 66 years old, widower, disabled
The first person that I interviewed was my grandmother. She was born in 1949 and is considered to be a Baby Boomer She is currently 66 years old and a widower. Her husband had a stroke years ago and at the age of 73, he passed away. He retired before that, and he started to get social security benefits because he was disabled after he had a stroke. After he passed away, his social security benefits were passed down to my grandmother. Social Security is very important to her because she feels like she needs to be taken care of. She expects to have disability benefits, but she does because she does not know how to apply for it and she does not read nor write that well.
She currently lives at home with no job. Her only income is from my grandfather’s Social Security. My grandfather use to work at the Hebrew Home of Greater Washington. He retired around the age of 68. My grandparents paid for life insurance by deducting money from their checks. My grandmother has arthritis pain her in hands and she has pain in her knee. She 's not planning to work again in life Social security is very important. But if Social Security did not exist, she would use the profit that she gets from renting her house in Guyana and live off of that. She gardens a lot and grows a lot of vegetables. The vegetables she grow and pick would be used at home to cook food and that is how she will survive. Even with the little money she has, she will…

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