Personal Note On Social Media Essay

716 Words Mar 17th, 2016 3 Pages
I decided it was time to come clean. I desperately needed to address that I had a problem. Although it started out virtual, my problem eventually became tangible, having very real impacts on my mood, emotions, and well being. My problem was social media; the way I used it, and the way it used me. I craved a sense of approval, one that needed to be renewed at increasingly frequent intervals. I displayed a glamorized depiction of my life, in order to impress peers and anyone else who viewed my profiles. I felt the need to compete with my friends, family, and even strangers in appearing of the highest status, having the most health, being the happiest, and having the most success. After discussing my feeling with my peers, and doing some research, I was pleased to discover I was not alone. Through the use of social media, me and countless others, have jeopardized our mental happiness and well being, relationships with family and friends, and our self esteem and self worth. Social media became my illness and likes on my pictures became my medication. The more likes I received, the more likes I craved. It was a never ending cycle, that left me with a perennial feeling of unease. This feeling led to a lack of focus and performance in all aspects of my life, including my ability to study which affected my schooling, my ability to be present which affected my relationships, and my ability to relax which began increasing my stress. I needed to look past the surface and inquire as to…

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