Personal Note On Personal Appearance Essays

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Personal Appearance

Due to the gravity of our business, your position places you in constant contact with our customers; in fact, you are the image of Dunmore Home Improvements. With this in mind, it is imperative that you have a complete understanding that your appearance is the first impression of our dedication to customer service. Moreover, along with a positive attitude, a well-maintained appearance, personal hygiene, and the ability to maintain self-control are very important to our overall success in winning the customer’s respect and loyalty. Therefore, these items are your best arsenal of winning over our customers:

 Take pride in your appearance
 Maintain a professional demeanor
 Assist customers and team members whenever possible
 Demonstrate your competence and knowledge
 Build strong public relations

As a result, following these items in order will demonstrate your willingness to provide each customer the personal care they deserve. In turn, you will gain the customers admiration and respect and at the same time, send a message that at Dunmore Home Improvements our customers are more than a paycheck. Therefore, the following standards for appearance should be your top priority before walking through the front doors. Modification to these standards may include disabilities, medical reasons, and religious beliefs.

Personal Grooming
 Conservative cosmetics are approved, management determines what is acceptable
 Because of our business nature,…

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