Personal Note On Identity Paper

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Identity Paper One of my very first things that I really remember is of my dad teaching me the planets through a story he created. Where they were in the solar system, what they looked like, and what hobbies they loved or foods they ate. We always spent so much time together. Then the day came that I was told, "You 're going to be a big sister! Aren 't you excited?" was so enthused to have a baby brother. I planned it all out. He was going to play 'Barbie 's ' with me and help me pick out cute outfits and we were going to paint each others nails. When I went to the hospital with my grandparents to wait for my brother to be born, I kept asking questions. "What is his name?" "How do they know it 's really my brother?" "When can I play with him?" I probably annoyed them, but I wanted to know everything about this little boy who I was going to call my brother. After he was born I finally got to hold my new sibling, "Aidan." I was awestruck by his cuteness and as an almost four year old girl, I thought he was a cool new baby doll that breathed and could be fed. Little did I know, he would someday help shape the person I am today.
After the excitement of a brother, I learned that I would be enrolled into a private school that my mother had recently started working at. I was about seven years old and just starting the second grade. I was extremely nervous about starting school in a neighborhood I had never heard of. I had a few friends from church that I knew and most of…

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