Personal Note On Growing Up Essay

1660 Words Dec 7th, 2016 7 Pages
Gaby Mosseri
Ms. Litwack Growing up Some people believe that the only way to accomplish something is to do it by yourself. The people who feel that way attempt to be completely independent because it is difficult for them to trust others. In contrast, some people depend on those around them to help with nearly everything they do. The reason some may do this is because they are too proud, embarrassed, or afraid to ask for help. I have learned over time that those most likely to succeed in life are those who are most willing to accept help from others. From a young age, I realized that most things in life are easier when you allow others to help when help is needed. I have also noticed that this help can 't just come from anyone. Most of the time advice is most effective when provided by a close friend or family member. I discovered this around the time I entered the eighth grade and got into a fight with some of my good friends. My friends were, for the most part, short and pretty good-looking. The one group of friends gradually split into two over time. Many of my "close friends" were bad-mouthing another one of my friends in a group chat. My best friend, Rosette, was tall, thin, with long blonde hair, was viewed as absolutely gorgeous by many. My friend, Celia, and I were not added to this group chat because it was clear that we would have told Rosette. I personally believe that they were just jealous of her but that doesn’t make their gossip acceptable. I’m quite…

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