Personal Note On Finance Manager Essay

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Hey guys,

I need ALL invoices for EVERYTHING we have spent money on, both LAST year and THIS year. I should have had these from when everyone knew I was finance manager; looked over my emails today and realised I only had a few.

I also need ALL costs for EVERYTHING we have spent from February TO today. Including, iAwards table, Avcon tickets, banners, mailing list, t-shirts, tickets, art, music, pizza etc. Also things we PLAN on spending money on so I have a rough idea.

Would be good if this information was given to me ASAP or Wednesday night the latest. I don 't want to waste anymore time working on the financial things that I need to catch up on.

JUST A REMINDER: If any of you guys want to buy something please come and let me know ONLY if you have all the information (links, information, why we need it etc.) presented to me. I don 't want to go and chase it up myself and then wait for details if I need it or can 't find it. This happened with the Avcon tickets (needed names and date of birth etc.) when I was going to present it to Julie and it was a hassle for her and me because I still didn 't have the information needed.

Julie had offered to help me refine the financial plan as it is really complex right now (layout etc.) and simplify it. I will be getting her to help me if the offer is still there. I will also be asking and taking her advice as she knows the most about finance and financial plans.

I checked the financial plan today that I had made before I went…

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