Essay about Personal Note On Discussion Posts

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Discussion posts have always been a challenge for me simply because I struggle with not having an opinion, but stating it and defending it. In my writing, I have made many mistakes including but not limited to grammatical errors, passive sentences, and limited syntax. However, my discussion posts also have several positive qualities: evidence from each module included and outside information presented. Therefore, discussion posts I have presented include both negatives and positives that improve over time in my writing.
First, I will apologize for my horrible grammar and plethora of “throughout history..” statements that I often used near the beginning of the course. I take pride in my decent ability to write, but I do not always own up to my inability to proofread. Therefore, I will begin discussing the things that, to put it simply, just go wrong in my discussion posts. First, as stated above, are my disturbing misuse of colons and wrongly conjugated subjects and verbs. In my second post, the question asked the student’s opinion of what art was and to list various artists. I simply said that art was a way of expression, but my post’s value declined as soon as I began my second sentence. “A few artists include: Raphael, Michelangelo, etc....” This was my first grammatical error in the online course of ARH-252. My next big mistake was during the third discussion post that asked the class’s opinion on the use of the Venus of Willendorf. I used the phrase “throughout…

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