Essay about Personal Note On Background Information

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We have a family ring that is passed down from mother to daughter for centuries. The following negation took place during a lunch at our family home. The dispute arose when my mother announced she wanted to give her ring to my brother instead of me. The dissension was between my mother and I.

I. PROBLEMS AND GOALS 1. Goals: Short Term ( Myself)- To avoid angering my mother and causing her to be upset. Short Term ( Mom)- To avoid hurting my daughter 's feelings. Long Term( Myself) To be able to receive the ring as tradition. Long Term ( Mom) To be able to give the ring to my son without having my daughter upset with me. 2. Problems: (Myself) I displayed anger and become over emotional on the subject at hand. I wasn 't aware of my mother 's choice to give the ring to my brother. (Mom) I believe it is my choice to give the ring to whoever I want, and my daughter should understand and respect my decision. 3. Parties: Decision makers- My mother and myself. Third party members- My brother. 4. What if no deal?: ( Mom) It could cause a rift in the relationship with my children. (Myself) I would not get the ring and would feel deeply hurt by my mother. 5. Preparation: (Mom) Approximately a few months. (Myself) An hour to prepare to negotiate. II. SITUATION ANALYSIS

6. Perceptions: (Myself) I saw that this ring was for me to give to my daughter. I felt as though my mother didn 't care about my feelings. I felt that she didn 't want to give me…

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