Personal Narrator: My Hero, My Father

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My mentor, my Hero, my Father
A person who made a difference in your own life, how you lived it, the decisions you would go on to make, the changes you would make on your life’s outlook and what you would do. There are several people who could fit into these categories in our lives, people who were dedicated to making a difference in the lives around them. People that we meet growing up in our childhood up with when we leave our homes leave a very notable mark on us as we develop in our lives. As children, we are at our most impressionable as we pick up all information; knowledge, habits, or even personality traits. A person who has changed my life and taught me how to live my life in that way is my father Gilbert Lopez.

My dad lived a tough
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When I was trying to learn how to drive I learned with my dad; he had me drive around town, and I realized something I had to tell him. I told him he was a pretty horrible teacher and that I should take a real driving course. Later down the line after I got my driver’s license I was pulled over by a cop and was given a ticket for the first time. I had 3 weeks to pay the ticket; I was ashamed that I got pulled over, I was ashamed that I was so irresponsible. I held off telling my father what happen in the first 2 weeks and the fact that I had to tell him ate at me for those two weeks. When I walked into the room and told him what had happened, he was more forgiving than I would have ever expected. He told me it was fine and that it was better that it happened now before something worse happened and he showed me how to handle the situation. The weight that I had over me for those two weeks were gone, and I could pay the ticket off with community …show more content…
He would leave at 9:00 PM to work and come back at 5:30 AM to take me and my brothers to school on every weekday. He had kept to that schedule until I was old enough to start driving myself and my brothers to school. This knowledge had only pushed me more to be successful not only in school but my home. My dad’s work ethic was burned into my own life. When he was home, he would gather me and my brothers, and we would begin house chores. This usually involved, vacuuming, dusting, taking out the trash, laundry, lawn work, and anything else to keep the house running. He wouldn’t just tell us to do it, he led us, cleaned himself while keeping us in line, and if we did not do it right the first time, we would do it again. He taught me his working habits at school, home, and probably my future job. I can’t just lay around the house when there’s work to be done, I can’t sit down when I know when the rest of my family is doing something

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