Trickster Imagination: My First Day Of High School

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Trickster Imagination FEAR! An emotion that leads us into complete paralyzed form of our mind. Or at least that’s what I thought on my first day of high school. I had no idea of what I was doing or even what to do. This was my first time back into public school after five years of home schooling. I went through kindergarten through half of fifth grade public schooling and then, middle school through two years of high school of home schooling. After that I was ready for a change, but I had no idea of what that change was going to be like, because elementary is way different than high school. I had been hearing that the people in high school were very bad, and the teachers would load work on students, make them read a book a day. I shivered …show more content…
The weekend before the Monday that I started, I went to a Lock-in at my church. The morning when I got home, we went to my sister’s house to visit them for a while. When we were on the way to the car to go home, we were saying bye and all of a sudden there was a pinching sensation in my toe. There were tiny small black bugs that bit the daylights out of my toe. I thought that something was going to happen, but nothing did until we were in the car on the way home, I saw my big toe start to swell up hard like red clay fell on a balloon. I didn’t think anything of it, because they usually go down and nothing happens. I had other things to worry about like going to school for instance. When we got home I took a nap from not sleeping any the night before at the Lock-in. After that I got up and started to get my book bag ready for school on Monday, with all the books, notebooks, pencils, and pens. I even started getting my clothes ready for the week also. Well, a few hours passed by with a tick tock of the clock and I noticed that my foot feels a little tight, I looked down and to my surprise a swollen foot awaits my reaction. I went to my mother and she’s like “Why didn’t you tell me about this?” Whoops!! She gave me some Benadryl and off to sleep I went. Woke up Sunday morning and to another surprise my foot was swollen …show more content…
BEEP! Time to wake up and get to it. Woke up to not so much of a surprise anymore, my foot was swollen more, I could not understand how it was still swollen with all the doses of Benadryl I had been taking. Even though my foot was swollen I knew today was a new day. It was the day I started high school, even though I was really scared about it, I was really excited. So up I got, showered, make-upped, breakfasted, lunched in a bag, and onward we went. As we were driving to my school, I was shaking to bits and pieces, at one point I thought the car was shaking with me, I was so scared and excited at the same time. When we got to the carpool lane at my school, I got out of the car and saw one of the biggest thing’s I’ve ever seen, my school. It reached up four floors to the sky and was a wall of windows to peer through to the other side. Butterfly’s started to ram paid throughout my stomach as I started out my day. By the time I started my third period class, which was gym. I started noticing that the teachers are not horrible people who don’t care about you. They were so nice and caring to me, like how they talked to me in a friendly way. By this time, I forgot about my foot, but it was not a surprise at all, my foot had started swelling up half way up my calf. I was very glad that I was going to the doctor this afternoon, because if I didn’t I would be in

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