Personal Narrative: Wide Awake By Katy Perry

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I always enjoyed singing. I sang along to the songs in Disney movies, to the radio in the car, or just at home in my room. I was in choir all year during seventh grade. We sang many songs that year, even one in an African language, but only one song had any solo tryouts. Mrs. Smith picked “Wide Awake” by Katy Perry for us to sing, so we could have at least one modern song. There were three solos in it, I tried out for the first one. The tryouts weren’t in front of the class, but I still had to try and keep my hands and knees from shaking. It was my very first tryout I had ever done. “Yeah I was in the dark / I was falling hard / With an open heart / How did I read the stars so wrong? / And now it’s clear to me / That everything you see / Ain’t always what it seems / Yeah I was …show more content…
For some reason it was given to this sixth grade boy, and I am not trying to be mean, but pretty much everyone didn’t think he was all that good. He was ok, but his voice was still in that phase where it cracks sometimes. However, there was a second solo in the song that the choir teacher hadn’t mentioned. And she asked me to sing it. My moment had arisen. When the concert came, it was in front of sixth through eighth grade. This was the real deal, the choir was singing on stage, when it came close to my part, with a whisper of encouragement from Angelica “You’ll do great”, I walked up to the microphone, hands shaking. I was afraid that I looked stiff, if I did it was because I was trying to keep my knees from shaking as well. I adjusted the microphone, and sang. “All the lights are shining, so brightly everywhere / And the sound of children’s laughter fills the air”. A short solo, but the applause was worth it. I went back to my place in the choir as we all went on and finished the song, still shaky the entire time. But I did it, and according to several people who came up to me after, I was good, even though I was scared stiff the entire

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