Personal Narrative : Training, Such As Myself Essay

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Educationalists in training, such as myself, have many different concepts and ideas to focus on and plan for in the future. How would we go about handling a classroom and its students, while satisfying the curriculum and our responsibilities as educators? Good, experienced teachers have the ability to skillfully teach their content area, as well as the ability to relate and communicate with their students. A great way for educators to learn more about their students, and vice versa, and the best way for students to learn about one another, is during the course of different school environments, such as clubs, sports, and other extracurricular academic activities. One thing for students to constantly remember is that the educators of today and tomorrow were once just students themselves. The most important thing to remember is that school is about much more than just the amount of teaching that goes on in the classroom.
My memories of my years in elementary school are a bit shattered, and I cannot exactly remember a whole lot; however I do remember doing a “good job”, going home to spend countless hours on the vast homework given to me before finally heading off to bed. Afterwards, I would often feel weirdly detached and withdrawn from life itself; although, it was not all bad, I did manage to have one good friend at school. After a while, school became somewhat of a job; doing the minimum, just enough to get by, while satisfying the teacher’s requirements, and then…

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