Personal Narrative-The Wonders Of Fishing

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Are you KIDDING me?!?!
OK, so, today was like, the worst day ever for me. First of all, my 6 year old twin sisters, Allison and Annie, ate the last 2 cranberry muffins this morning, broke the star on the top of my Christmas tree, and spilled my push pin jar next to my bulletin board, which I didn’t realize until I sat on one. Also, tomorrow is Christmas, and I have only 2 presents under the tree. The first is probably an ugly knitted christmas sweater from grandma, and a book about ‘The Wonders Of Fishing’ from grandpa. He’s sent me one every year, and I’ve ‘accidentally broke the spine’ each time. Oh, and I have another thing under the tree. A 4-inch by 4-inch box, probably a handmade ‘ornament’ from my brother, Ethan. (By
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Your brother made that for you! Have fun battling 106 spaceships! Love you!” So, now instead of my pink and turquoise frilly room, I have yellow and purple spaceships invading my room and flying down to attack me while I sleep. What I really wanted was a car. I got my driver's license about 2 weeks ago, but nothing. We went down to Uncle Bob’s to celebrate, but it wasn't much of a celebration. Ethan spilled his banana split on my favorite blouse, and I had to wash it 17 times to get that stain out! Plus an extra 3 to get that banana smell out. And, that banana split made Ethan go crazy, so he was bouncing off the walls all night, and I got NO sleep. I had a huge test that next day, and I got a B- on it! I complained to mom about it, and she said, “He’s only 5, be patient with him!” Yeah, well, it’s kinda hard to be patient with a 5 year old bouncing off the walls when you're trying to sleep, and a sore tush from 6 year old push pin spillers. Oh no! Allison and Annie are coming! …show more content…
My Christmas was NOT the worst day ever! My first Christmas present was, YAY, NO MORE INVADING SPACESHIPS!! YES!!! My mom took all of the invading spaceships down while I was sleeping!! (Very heavily, I may add.) I’m not sure where she put them, though. Not in the trash, I checked. Hmm, I’m sure they’ll show up eventually. Anyway, so I went downstairs, and all of the doors and windows were closed and locked. “Hmm, weird.” I thought. So, I went into the living room and nearly jumped out of my skin!!! Ethan was sitting next to the 4-inch by 4-inch box, Allison was sitting next to the gift from grandma and grandpa, my dad was by the window, ready to put the blinds up, and my mom was sitting on the couch with her camera and an envelope.. (Mom never misses an opportunity to take pictures.) They were all staring at me, smiling. “Umm, what is happening?” I asked them. Then this music came on, and Annie was acting like the 6 year old version of the woman on “Let’s Make A Deal” Oohing and ahhing at every gift. So here’s what every gift turned out to

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