Black Friday Shopping Research Paper

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I remember once when i was black friday shopping and once i got to the first store i wanted to go to all the stuff i wanted was gone by the time i walked from the entrance to the isle it was in.
I put black friday shopping because i’m still mad about me only getting one thing out of 10 things i needed to get. its crazy how people would fight over stuff that you could get on cyber monday. I saw two fights while i was shopping and they happened to be next to me. It kinda made me mad because i couldn’t move away from the fight. They would push each other so some people would get mad at them because they would be pushed into there kids. No one would stop these people from fighting. All i wanted to do is walk away but couldn’t because it was hard to move from all the people that
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I was kinda happy but all of the was just pissing me off. So i went to the next store and once i got there and walked next to the door there was another fight. I was dealing with this one so i waited for it to be stopped. It so crazy how in one day of shopping can cause this much pain to people. I think stores should just no let people in all at one time. I had to drive to the next store which was best buy and once i walked in it was calm but it sucked standing in line cause it took me about one hour and thirty minutes long to start paying. Even when they had plenty of registers it would still go by really slow. It would would also suck when you were close to people that would just complain about everything in their lives or would complain about how slow the line was going. For some reason everytime i go black friday shopping i always seem to get something i don't need or will use in the future. Usually mario is the one who tells me to by something and for some reason he gets me to buy it. Last time we went shopping i made him buy a $100 jacket that was reflective so no one could take a picture of him. He bought it and only used it twice since. It makes me

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