Essay on Personal Narrative : The Special Police Ordeal

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8-2016 Tran-Van-Binh
After the special Police ordeal; the loss of her parents, Loan finally moved in with aunt Tam; after all, aunt Tam was the only relative that Loan has in Dalat.

When the ripple of the Special Police had smoothened and Lien successfully had reinstated the license of café BoHo, Loan and Loan went back to work again, as if nothing had happened. Lien still flew happily among her customers, talking about their schools work, advising on their love life, or just recommending them what to order on the menu; while Loan, after moving in with aunt Tam, seemed more open and more confident in herself. Occasionally, she would close her book and stepped out of the counter and mingled with the regulars, and that was more than half of the customers on any giving day.
To some customers, she was friendlier; she was willing to talk and to listen what they were thinking about everything; she paid more attentions about what her young customers thought about the political and military situation of the country. She listened and occasionally made comments about her customer 's stories, but she never made any comments on the political and military situation of the country. The sadness of her eyes gradually disappeared and more pink was clearly visible on her cheek.

Some old customers, who came to the café BoHo since the first day it was opened, told Lien that because after the death of her old, sick mother and the detention of her drunk and brutal father, her burden was…

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