Personal Narrative: The Presidential Debate

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On October 4th, the first and only vice presidential debate was scheduled to take place. Personally, I am not familiar with the role of the vice president other than to break ties in the senate. I didn’t have any idea what to expect from either of these candidates, other than to hear them defend the presidential candidates whom they will serve beneath. I predicted a stronger debate than the presidential debate and a win for the Democratic Party under Tim Kaine. In my opinion, the vice presidential debate ended up being a lot more childish than I had expected. I expect childish from Donald Trump, because that is how he has put himself out there from the very beginning. However, Mike Pence took the same approach. At one point, he fired off a comment about how Clinton and Kaine “should know a lot about an insult driven campaign”. To me, this is very childish because I don’t see the campaign as insult driven at all. I see a candidate who is familiar with the flaws of the Republican campaign, but speaks …show more content…
Pence was not happy with his comment and continued discussing his answer to the question that was originally asked. Kaine went on to reference a point in the first presidential debate where Donald Trump referred to himself as “smart” for not paying his taxes. I believe Tim Kaine’s further comments about how the unpaid taxes effects out country, was an incredibly important mention. The taxer payer money is money that supports our military, our veterans, and many other aspects of our nation. As far as I am concerned, not paying his taxes is in no way justifiable. It has also been noted that once Trump does get into office, there is going to be less taxes for the wealthy. So voting him into office, we are not only choosing an unfit candidate to represent our nation, but we are choosing a candidate who is out to make this country work only for people like

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