Personal Narrative : The First Free Writing Essay

837 Words Feb 11th, 2016 4 Pages
Writing never really comes onto the paper like how it comes to my mind, I wish I was able to put my thoughts onto the paper exactly how I see them in my head. Sometimes I do a really good job in expressing my thoughts, but at other times it just seems like a bunch of random rambling going on. That 's exactly how I am in person when I talk so I guess my writing matches my personality perfectly. Although I don 't consider myself a writer I do enjoy writing. *********************************************************
The first free writing I did in class, I actually enjoyed it a lot. I thought it would be difficult because I wasn 't really sure what I would write about. It turns out it was fairly easy, I had so much to write about, I ended up wishing I had more time. I found out it wasn 't as easy to free write publicly as to privately. My free write introduction on my blog was focusing more on what I wanted the reader to know about me as to my private one I just wrote what came to my head and I would jump from topic to topic. In my public one I didn 't want to do that. When I wrote on my blog I kept going back to edit stuff out and to make sure that it made sense when you read it, I kept checking grammar as well because I didn 't want somebody reading it and thinking "wow she doesn 't know how to write" as to privately I didn 't really because no one was going to see it.…

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