Personal Narrative : The Educational History Essay

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Marcy’s Educational History My story of education starts with information that I cannot remember. Therefore I will be briefing you on only my memory. In my toddler years, or what I remember of them, Friends were my favorite part of school. They still are today, but the knowledge I gain is a lot more important now, so they have moved down on the priorities list a little. I will talk about four sections of my educational history: Elementary school, middle school, and high school, and college. Elementary School is the hardest for me to remember, although it is the time period that was most confusing. I was homeschooled for first grade, but placed in a public school for second grade named Sundown elementary. My teacher thought that I was not ready for second grade, so she held me back a grade. In firs grade in public school I only lasted half of the year before my mother took me out and decided to homeschool me again. After that year, my mother had me do extra homework so that I could basically skip second grade and go on to third. That put me right on track again, but my Father teaches fourth grade at the same school. It is tradition in my family to go through his class, henceforth, the first day of fourth grade at the same public school. However, I think my parents and I decided that it was best to homeschool me because of my surroundings, and it was also better for me to do something one-on-one, rather than in a classroom setting. I continued to be homeschooled until my…

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