Personal Narrative : The Door And My Parent 's Faces Were Speechless

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Luci opened the door and my parent’s faces were speechless.
“It 's so beautiful” my mother spoke.
“Look at the tree honey” my father pointed to the ice tree.
“Happy Christmas mum and dad” I walked over to hug them; they hugged me back.
“I see you got creative with the decorations” my father replied surprised.
“Well Luci helped me figure out that” we broke apart from the embrace.
My parents were still in there PJ’s dad in his navy blue and black PJ’s; mom in her red PJ’s they had little dogs on them.
“Did you remember the holiday?” I asked my parents expressions turned to surprise “of course we remembered!”
“Now, do you want to open presents first?” My dad asked his blue eyes gleaming.
“Oh!!! I want to go first!!!” I jumped up and down.
I ran over to the tree sliding on the floor in my socks. My parents followed me they sat on the couch near the tree. I picked up a sliver deep box I handed it to my dad.
“Ooo this is awful heavy Stella, I wonder what 's in it?” My dad questioned; he shook it then tapped it.
“Daddy just open it” I rolled my eyes and smiled.
He unwrapped the box and opened the little latch to a brown box. “Oh wow”
My father took out one of the books it had a deep red cover golden embroidery on the spine, the cover of the book was “Hogwarts: a History.” Mother took out the next book it was ocean blue with silver embroidery and stars on the front pages. The title of that book was “Astronomy: constellations” mother looked over the book before placing…

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