Personal Narrative-The Day In The Close

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The Day in the Close

I stare at the four pucks below me resting innocently on the plexiglass. Feeling the bottom-heavy stick in my hands through the old rough gloves I’m wearing. Rylan watches expectantly. I breathe in. He’s been trying too but it’s all on me now, four shots. I breathe out.

It was anything but your average Monday. The last day of school had been last Wednesday and I was enjoying the fact that I didn’t have anything to do. I take my time waking up enjoying the feelings of grogginess melting away as I sit. Glancing sidelong at the clock. 10:15am, plenty of time to do something with the day. Pulling my legs off the bed I undress and climb into the shower. The water washes away the last feelings of sleep and I feel much more alert. I think about what I could do. I should
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I enjoy the everyday sounds that you don’t get to hear being stuck in a classroom. Cars energetically buzzing back and forth along the road, kids laughter echoing down the street, a train horn in the distance. It’s all so familiar. Even though I hadn’t experienced it since easter break I welcome it. Moving underneath of my net I straighten my legs as I extend my arms. My head bears a fair amount of the weight and the mesh presses through my hair and pulls at my scalp. Walking down the driveway and into the street I maneuver the net in front of Rylan’s. Bending my knees until the burden is lifted off my head and neck. Moving Rylan’s net doesn’t take nearly as much exertion as it’s half the size and doesn’t have rebounders sticking out of the sides and top. Placing it back in it’s usual spot on Rylan’s driveway I walk back to him and grab my gloves. Slipping them on I ask when he’s getting his new puckboard. The old one is maybe one by three feet big. Barely large enough for one person to shoot compared to the eight by four he said he was getting soon which would allow both of us the chance to shoot at the same

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