Personal Narrative : The Best Country Artist All Over The World

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Shania Twain gig remains to be one of the notable concerts I have ever attended so far. It’s been quite a while since the last time she was on tour .Shania Twain is one of the best country artist all over the world. Although she has not been performing in the past years, many people still see her as a great and talented singer. She is now back on stage and showing her incredible talent. When I was looking for a live event, I could not choose better. I attended this unforgettable concert last Thursday, July 16 at America Airline Arena. It started at 7: 30 pm.
As I stood on the line impatiently waiting to enter the concert, there was a flush of enthusiasm in the air. Once I had it, I grasped my ticket nervously since it was my first experience of watching a concert performance live. After being inspected, I shuffled quickly past the large crowd thanks to the usher who aided me to locate my designated row and seat. The staffs were very helpful and friendly .How powerful the forthcoming concert was going to be was the only fancy that was in my mind at that juncture.
I grabbed a bottle of soda as I waited for the gig to commence. The dark environment and low volume music increased the mystique. It was totally a lover’s atmosphere as people walked in with their couples, holding each other’s hands.There were also a lot of country girls who wore boots , miniskirts and hats . The buzz in the room signified the event was about to start. The first in performing was Gavin Defraw who…

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