Personal Narrative: The Auschwitz Concentration Camp

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I was born in Berlin, Germany and moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands when I was at the age of four. I lived with my mother Ilse, my father Frank, and my sister Barbara. My family and I had fled after the Nazis came to power in January 1933. When they came to power, it became illegal for Jewish lawyers to have non-Jewish clients, therefore, causing my father's practice to be closed down. Upon moving to Amsterdam two years later, I began to attend school. I was a good student and made friends quite quickly in the neighborhood and in school. Quite a few of my friends were also Jewish refugees from Germany. I continued to go to school and lived life happily with my family. In due time, life got complicated real fast. It was May 14, 1940 and I was walking home from school and I heard the roar of German planes …show more content…
Don’t!” I screech. “I suggest you get straight to work,” divulged the guard.
A few months later, by the time my parents and I were used to working in this camp, we were deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp which was located in Oświęcim, Poland. There were three Auschwitz camps. My parents and I were then separated.
“Mom! Dad! I love you!”I yelped with heartbreak.
“I love you too, honey!” Mom shouted with distress.
“Stay strong,I know you are a fighter!” Dad shouted with hope.
“You know we love you very much, right?” Dad yelled.
“I will stay strong and I love you guys too!” I exclaimed.
Those were the last things I said to my parents. I had lost my parents. Not to mention, I had lost my sister as well. Driven to despair, I hoped that they would kill me right away.
I was placed in Auschwitz I, the main camp. It was similar to the Westerbork camp. I worked and talked to no one until one day.
“Hi, my name is Sally, what is your name?” Sally said sadly.
“My name is Sanne, short for Susanne.” I

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