Personal Narrative: Pouncing Upon My Sister's Macbook Air '

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Flashback: Pearls and feathers, bobs and glamour! Reality: I was sitting at the very back of my poor excuse of a high school’s plain old, bland “English 4” class in Levi mom jeans, a cropped top, and Chuck Taylors; except I wasn’t. I wasn’t at all.
(Take One): Pouncing upon my sister’s Macbook Air, I was on a written escapade away from the Upper West Side’s public school nightmare and, instead, running up and down the catwalk at New York’s Couture’s 1956 Fashion Show! In a riveting, platinum blonde swirl-curled bob, a completely diamond coveted bodysuit, high black meshed stocking, and nothing more, yet nothing less, than Dior’s latest pumps with Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue” orchestrating the walk, I was strutting. (Close scene) Sophia Miy Belford: the aspiring Marilyn Monroe, the most faddish dame of the
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I had to make it so that there was a blatant contrast with who she was perceived to be and who she actually was. At this point I took a break from my romanticized reality, my sensationalized skew of glamor and luxury, and I hopped off my bed for a snack. I grabbed a box of Nilla wafers and my infamous jar of Nutella and in attempts to walk back to my room, I couldn 't help but overhear the controversy in my living room. Watching “E News” my superficial sister was praising Kim K; I observed the absolutely plastic figure in my screen in annoyance. Dressed in a simple tan tank top, with her nipples pointing out at us, low rise jeans hardly embracing the top of her absolutely injected bosom, and tied back hair, Kim was taken a picture coming out of her car. I watched my sister, Jessica, stare at her in awe and yearning. “She is so beautiful.” I disagreed immediately stuffing wafers in my mouth finding my way onto my chocolate leather couch. “That’s not even her anymore…” I managed to say through the dissolved crumbs in my mouth. “But it doesn 't matter. Cause she 's so beautiful, everything about her is so beautiful.” She argued

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