Personal Narrative: Out Of Work Father

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The crippled youth hobbled out of the sandbox, weather beaten and trying not to splash rain on his shoes, shoes that were given him on a clothes drive for the needy. He knelt on the school yard to wrap his knee, but it wasn't the cuts or bruises bothering him, it was the beating he'd taken on Tuesday from the town bully. It was better than facing an out of work father: his son was taught to fight, club foot or not. He raised a fist and called for the bully to come out of the library, a coward that couldn't believe that the Mexican wanted more The dirty faced bully had friends with him and one of them was holding a baseball bat.
Eduardo threw a left hook that knocked the braggart off his feet, but his friends over powered him. He hit the sprinkler system on the way down and landed on his hip. It was too much for the guy witnessing the fight, so he ran to Eduardo's side, while the bullies left the scene. The stranger placed the youth in the back of an ambulance and rode with him to the county hospital. There was some irony in the elderly gentleman being in the school library during the confrontation. He'd been looking up schedules for boxing events in the spring: an avid fan and former trainer. He hadn't seen
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It would be tougher getting his father to agree, but the Irishman had been in the ring with tougher opponents, and smooth talked Eduardo's dad into accepting a proposal. They shook hands over a deal that included 40 dollars a session for sparring; the beginning of a career in the fight game for the crippled youth from the trailer park. He was ready to start working out in a gym instead of playing hopscotch on a schoolyard, so breathing and stretching routines were imperative. It also meant gaining 10 pounds before his sparring sessions with fighters climbing the ranks in their prospective divisions, but Eduardo's concern wasn't weight class, it was his club

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