Personal Narrative - Original Writing - Don 't Kill You Let You Know I 'm Not Comfortable Anymore

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"Yes, I 'll say 'red ' to let you know I 'm not comfortable anymore." I replied as I knew that I was just raped yesterday. However, I 'm sick of only knowing how much sex can hurt.
"Alright." Felix said as he gently pinned me beneath him. My heart raced as he brought his lips to mine. Unlike all of his previous kisses this one was a bit deeper. He pulled away only to put his tongue in my mouth. He used his tongue to dominate the kiss. He while kissing me brought his hand up my shirt.
"Remove it please." He whispered as he pulled away allowing me room to remove the oversized shirt. It was then that Felix noticed just how many marks John left on me.
"I 'm going to erase all of his marks. I 'm going to make you mine." Felix purred sending shivers of anticipation down my spine. He pinned me beneath again as he kissed me. I moaned into the kiss when I felt him tease my nipples. When he pulled away he began sucking on all the marks John left on me. Every place he touched seemed to catch on fire. I hide my face behind my arms as I continued to moan.
"Don 't be shy Yahia." Felix cooed as he moved my arms from my face.
"Don 't look." I begged in embarrassment.
"Why not?" Felix asked playfully as he began nibbling on my nipples.
"It 's embarrassing." I replied as moaned again. Suddenly Felix brought my one hand over his heart. I could feel just how fast his heart was beating. It was beating just has frantic as mine was.
"I 'm scared too. I 'm scared that I 'm going to hurt you just…

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