Personal Narrative - Original Writing - A Sharp ' Crack ' Tore '

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A sharp ‘crack’ tore through the air as Rani jerked a wake red eyes wide and heart pounding. There was a moment of silence before another ‘crack’ tore through the night. “Thamina what is it?” Rani asked as the Audino jumped to her feet. Large ears twitched at the sounds filling the room through the cracked window.
“That’s gunfire. Rani, go check on the children.” Thamina ordered in a whisper. It was as if she being quiet would keep whatever was going on outside away from them. Rani didn’t say a word as she darted towards the room that Yinsen’s children shared. The room was dark and filled with the sound of soft whimpers. Rani’s ears twitched at the sound and red eyes darted to the empty beds.
The only thing that kept her from darting back out of the room was the fact that she could see the heel of Hiba’s foot pocking out from under her brother’s bed. Rani crossed the room her footsteps quiet against the cold wood floor. When she was standing in front of the bed she moved so that she could look under the bed.
The space was dark but she could still see both Hiba and Tayyib and even if she hadn’t been able to see them she’d have been able to hear the soft whimpers that neither of the children could hold back. Crawling forward Rani joined the pair under the bed taking a moment to try and comfort the children that were hiding there.
Rani knew that if anyone dared to try and harm the children under her protection she would fight until her last breath. Nothing would get past her…

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