Personal Narrative : My Writing Career Essay example

784 Words Dec 4th, 2016 4 Pages
My writing career has consisted of write a subpar essay, turn it in, pass the class, repeat. Honestly, I dreaded taking this course, so I pushed it off to my sophomore year. However, my preconceived ideas about my lack of writing abilities were proved untrue. Not until this year, did I actually care about the topics I was writing about. It’s nice to have the opportunity to enjoy the writing process. For both papers, I had to work on organization of my paragraphs; for paper two, I focused on strengthening my argument for the final portfolio.
Revisions for paper one consisted of organizing the paper as a whole and within the paragraphs. Coming into this class, I did not even know where to begin the writing process on my first paper. I worked thoroughly on it from the time it was assigned until the time it was due. Previously, I was taught to write now and revise later. Essentially, I had word vomit to work with from my first draft. In high school, we were also drilled on closing sentences in paragraphs and papers. While I was revising my first draft, I was focusing on closing sentences (not even giving a second thought to my thesis or opening sentences). The lack of attention to my thesis and topic sentences showed in my graded draft. All of my topic sentences were found at the end of the paragraphs with my thesis as the final sentence. The organization to my paper was consistent, however, backwards. I like to call it "topic sentence dyslexia". When I created closing…

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