Personal Narrative: My Vietnamese Family

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It goes without saying that if one is raised in a Vietnamese household, one is strongly encouraged to become a doctor. My childhood was not any exception. Surely, after having suffered tremendously during their unstable lives in Vietnam and making tons of sacrifices on their journey to the United States, my parents wanted my brother and me to become professionals in a country where all opportunities are endless (unlike in Vietnam). My family, however, has always stressed it is the selfless nature of the medical profession that is truly important. My family has taught me that I cannot genuinely feel whole until I know that I have done good for others, especially for those who are suffering and are most in need.
My family has always gone out of their way to help and support others. There were countless times when I saw my parents come home from a long day at work, and yet if they knew that one of the neighbors was sick or lonely, they would put together a meal for them. Several years ago, my father spent nearly an entire holiday (one of his rare days off)
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I am honored to have my unique roots in a culture that joyfully celebrates community, togetherness, and hard work. At a young age, my father had to give up the innocence of childhood and take on family obligations when his mother passed away and his father left them. Since then, he has continued to put tremendous effort into achieving his goals. Listening to the stories of my father’s devastating childhood, I have tried to emulate the maturity and perseverance that he developed after his mother’s early death. Seeing how hard my parents work every day in order to provide a comfortable living for my family made me want to keep tackling the challenges that life presents me with. If my parents can work this hard and persistently for decades, then I can definitely keep putting in effort into my work until I achieve what I have set out to

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