Personal Narrative: My Unborn Baby

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It is September 1st. School is starting really soon for me. I was discharged about a week ago but am still pretty sore. Every thing I see in the corner of my eye scares me and makes me scream, thanks to that dreadful foreboding night. I’m scared for Aiden and my unborn baby regardless on what the police officers said. Jason is still out there and can attack at any moment. The police are on high alert and constant search for him but it doesn’t help me sleep at night knowing he can still find me. Principal Jones informed me that he was fired from B-L the day he flipped out at the school a few months ago because I was with Aiden. Maybe that was his motive for doing what he did to me? Whatever his reasoning if I find him before the police I will …show more content…
I forced myself to make up with him due to the baby, which he still doesn’t know about yet. I keep telling him that I’m just a fan of fried chicken when he asks why it’s all I want to eat. I’m gaining weight like crazy at about a pound a week. Why does pregnancy have all of these side effects?

My current plan is to tell him tonight about the baby. After all I’m already 3 months along. Before I know it I will be 4 months and showing. At least at 4 months you can discover the sex of the baby. Why are there some mothers that choose not to know right away? I have a fellow teacher at B-L who had her first baby last year. It was her FIRST baby and she chose not to know the gender. How can you not want to know? Well thanks for making my shopping easier lady. If I knew it was a boy life would have been easier.

I personally don’t have a preference on gender. As long as he or she is happy and healthy I’m fine. Especially after my attack I fear that my child was damaged. Doctor Ed informed me that it was okay but still. Oh god, look at me. I’m already one of those mothers who are crazy worried about her baby. I have known I am pregnant for a week and my hormones are kicking in. This is going to be a crazy 6

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