Personal Narrative: My Track And Field Journey

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I have always been fast at running. In middle school, I would always be the first to finish the mile long run for my Physical Education class. At that time, I often ran the mile in seven minutes flat, always being at least thirty seconds ahead of every other student. It was the same outcome in high school as a freshman; however, that was not the case later on. As a sophomore, I ran the mile in seven minutes, but another sophomore, George, would run it in six minutes and fifty seconds. I wondered why he was so quick, so I asked him. He told me that he was in track and field and that I should join because he believed I had potential. George is the reason I began my track and field journey. Track and field provided a great foundation to connect with teammates, pushed me to be goal orientated, and excited me for track …show more content…
In the varsity race that year, I finished in tenth place with a time of six minutes and ten seconds. I still desperately wanted to be on the varsity team. I was the only runner who never missed a practice my junior year. I saved up seventy dollars for a pair of Saucony track and field shoes, despite the fact that I grew up poor. After a few races, I became the ninth fastest runner, finally beating George, the runner that was faster than me in Physical Education. The full track and field team would practice five days a week, but I felt that was not enough for me to improve. I wanted to have an advantage over others, so I could be the fastest runner possible. On Saturdays and Sundays, I would take off running on my own from five to six miles. Eventually, I moved up to the eighth fastest runner with a mile time of five minutes and forty seconds, meanwhile, the seventh fastest runner was at five minutes and thirty-five seconds. At this point I was beginning to receive first place in the races for junior varsity. I was so close to making the varsity team; then something unfortunate

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