Essay about Personal Narrative : My Sister And My Family

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2 A.M.

It was about 2 A.M. when my sister woke me up while I was trying to get into my nephew’s crib. Apparently I did that often. She used to wake me up all the time because I was sleepwalking. Idiosyncrasy? Maybe. Annoying? Definitely. It took me six years to stop and question why my sister was already awake that night. Little did I know that six years later, we would be switching roles. Instead of me being the annoying younger sibling, now he is and I am the older sister. Flashback to sophomore year. Another year of various changes. New teachers, classes, friends, everything was changing again just like freshman year. None of that worried me. It did a little bit I guess, but not like I expected. This year was different. Full of other changes. Our household went from three to four. I was no longer the only child still at home. I was no longer the youngest anymore. There was another child. My whole life as I had known it for the last fifteen years had been completely switched upside down. That’s where most of my worries were. How was I suppose to adjust to an extra person living with us? Just smile and accept it? Easier said than done. That’s not how I was really feeling. I did it anyways because my parents were dealing with enough and adding more stress was the last thing I wanted to do. Most people would probably say “it’s just one extra person, how big of a change could it be?” Well...very big. Especially when it’s a six year old little…

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