Personal Narrative : My Senior Night Essay

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My Senior Night
Basketball has been a big part of my life since I was ten years old. In basketball, there are several challenges to face just like in life, full of war. Basketball is not just a sport for me, but a get away from all my emotions and stress. The moment I play basketball I find myself at peace, have a big relief from all my stress, and take all my anger out on the court. I have been the girl’s basketball captain since my junior year of high school until my senior year. My senior night basketball was the most amazing, unforgettable night ever. I was in my locker room saying a quick prayer with my hands together before the big game. After four years of basketball, I waited for this day with such enthusiasm and anxiety. My hard work came all together with my fellow teammates. This was the night to shine and get a win. The day came, that I waited for over four years. One of my teammates came into the locker room excitedly shouting to all the girls “ It 's time girls! Tonight is our night to glow!” I was devoted too, but devoted for the game. I ran out of the locker room with a smile from ear to ear. As I went into the hall, there were people in the hall wishing the team good luck for tonight 's game. The gym doors were open, and it was like walking into heaven but with the music pounding out loud with the lights flashing white and green. The moment I walked into the gym, I looked up to the crowd with my heart pounding almost pouring out because of the number…

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