Personal Narrative : My Quest For Literacy Essay

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My Quest for Literacy It was a Monday morning, the class was quiet and then suddenly the intercom came on and someone from the office said, “Please send Cameron Brisbon to the office immediately." At this time, I began to become a little anxious, because I was not a corrupt student and did not go to the office often. I was an eight-year-old small elementary student and I didn’t know what to expect, by going to the principal’s office. In the early stages of my life I was a very quiet individual. Even though I was very quiet I liked to learn and I was very observant. I started school at Dannelly Elementary located in Montgomery, Alabama. My first year of school (Kindergarten) I did a fantastic job and in my teacher’s words “I was on a different level than the other kids.” I excelled over the past few years and some people have noticed.
My classmates made me nervous that day because as I headed out of the class to go to the office, I could hear them saying “ooo what did you do?”
I said, “I did not do anything”
I was terrified so I tried to sound convincing. My heart began to beat very fast, and my hands were shaking. I felt a chill come over my body, and it felt like an anxiety attack that came over me that day. I walked as slow as possible, but as I reached the office, there was a woman waiting there for me. She introduced herself as Ms. Terry. Ms. Terry had fiery red hair and she was about average height. She also did not smile a lot which was very frightening to me…

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